Team and leisure together may seem a little unorthodox, but not the way we mesh them. Join teamleisure to partake in the union of royalty inspired yard games and social shenanigans, minus the recalled lawn darts of yesteryear, for a truly fun and relaxing experience. Cornhole, bocce, and other lawn games played backyard style while enjoying adult beverages and socializing. Teams of two will match up each week to determine the season's teamleisure champs! Teamleisure games are played outdoors during the spring to early fall. Teamleisure is an open social league that includes any mix of men and women on each team. The league includes alcohol permits (B.Y.O.B.) at approved outdoor venues for a full-bodied experience of adult recreation. Individual and team sign-ups are available; see teamleisure registration for more details about upcoming leagues, fees, rules, and other riff raff. Join teamleisure and have a ball.